2017 Color Trend丨Greenery

Pantone 2017 popular color is published —— Greenery, means new life and new hope.

With this color, someone describe very wonderful: after the unrest, give a person with comfort and pure and fresh feeling. Leatrice Eiseman said: "Greenery, can bring a comfort and peace of society to us."

You Know?Every year the international fashion colour is produced by people!

Who produce the international fashion color?Ans how thet produce it?

Three international fashion color organization TCCA、CMG、ICA develop and publish the trend of the color of the next one to three years by the commission seminars.

They will combine last year's experience and products marketing effects, then discuss next fashion color.

They will be on the premise of printing and dyeing technology that can achieve, then selected several main color from the color wall, add a few auxiliary color and decided next season's popular color, such as 2017 :

The end of each year, the fashion colour Pantone will be launched from the direction, choose a as the dominant color of the next year. Such as Greenery.

Pantone choose Geenery as the color of 2017, also want to use this color to reduce the negative emotions.

Santoni will be the most popular machinery factory!

We have green!

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