Basic Training on Santoni Pulsar Knitting Machine
Start Date: 2017-08-01
End Date: 2017-08-04


     1. Introduction on machine structure and feature

     2. Adjustment method of key mechanical parts: cylinder, B-plate…

     3. Test method of cylinder and dail

     4. Quick-change cam system and start fabric method on double jersey machine.

     5. Operation and knitting parameter setting of Pulsar L&D machine


Trainee:   Product developer, sampling technician,

Duration (Day): 4

Price (RMB): 4980.00

Language: Chinese/English


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Basic Training on SM DJ Series Machine
Start Date: 2017-08-14
End Date: 2017-08-25


     1. Introduction on basic concepts of SM DJ series machine

     2. Basic keyboard operation

     3. Knitting capability and yarn suggestion of SM DJ series machine and  

     4. Usage of Photon software

     5. Usage and application of Pulsar software

     6. Sampling practice on SM DJ series machine 

       - Two Color jacquard, tubular jacquard, structure pattern and timing….


Trainee:  Product developer, sampling worker, designer….

Duration (Day):10

Price (RMB): 9980.00

Language: Chinese/ English

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Training on Welt Knitted Fabric Analysis Method
Start Date: 2017-08-28
End Date: 2017-08-29


     1. Introduction on basic knowledge of welt knitting technology         

     2. Introduction on welt knitted fabric analysis method

        - Single jersey fabric, double jersey fabric, color jacquard fabric…


Trainee:   Product developer, sampling technician

Duration (Day): 2

Price (RMB): 2980.00

Language: Chinese/English

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