Training on Basic Knitting Technology _Santoni Pioneer Program
Start Date: 2017-05-02
End Date: 2017-05-19


     1. Introduction on textile material and fabric development           

     2. Introduction on basic knowledge of welt knitting technology

     3. Introduction on character and application of different yarns

     4. Introduction on knitting capability and characters of Santoni knitting machines


Trainee:  SPP Designers

Duration (Day): 15

Price (RMB): 14980.00

Language: Chinese/English

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Basic Training on SM8 TOP2 MP2
Start Date: 2017-05-15
End Date: 2017-05-26


     1. Introduction on basic concepts of SM8 TOP2 MP2 machine                   

     2. Basic keyboard operation

     3. Knitting capability and yarn suggestion of SM8 TOP2 MP2 machine

     4. Usage of Photon software

     5. Usage and application of Diagraph 3 Plus software

     6. Sampling practice on SM8 TOP2 MP2 series machine 


Trainee: Product developer, sampling worker, designer….

Duration (Day):10

Price (RMB): 9980.00

Language: Chinese/English

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