Santoni @Yiwu private show 2018

Different from past, this year Santoni will not take part in great exhibition in Yiwu, we will focus on the preparation of new application.

Specially Show for our friends

Seamless machinery(E28) enter to China market for nearly 20 years. The application of seamless market starts from underwear, now already extend to sports and fashion. With the growth of seamless industry, we get lots of chance, but also meet some new challenges. This is why Santoni always be here, we want to develop and improve our machine continuously, and provide strong support to our customers.

May 16th-18th, see you in Chemtax Yiwu office(7/F, No.106, Qiushi Rd.).

- More comfortable underwear and textured sportswear

For the past two years, textile market become more strong. Some companies benefit from this opportunity. When Brands ask us for the new products, how can we make an impression to them? So we spend lots of time to find new information and try to make new chance.

In this private show, we will put underwear and sportswear in two plate, and make a detailed explaination for you. Our target is  to distinguish between underwear and sportswear, and make underwear more light and comfortable;  sportswear more textured.


Please save the time of May 16th -18th.

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