The 17th Santoni Pioneer Program Open for Application

Please e-mail your fully completed application to sppapplications@santoni.cn along with an up-to-date CV.  The designer should also submit development ideas for your capsule collection for SPP and the images of previous work.

Mail to: sppapplications@santoni.cn

Application deadline: 25/ 09/ 2022


SPP Concept

Origin’s evolution

The original concept for seamless knitting underwear was: body-mapping and smart manufacturing, which has evolved into different applications. But how to better support the design innovation of underwear is still one of the crucial topics of seamless knitting technology.


Technology Integration 

Textile, which is inseparable from human life, has always been the best carrier in realising personal products, and an important realization way in the transformation process of   intelligent sensing of human body data and bionic technology.


Multi-Species Thinking  

Multi-species thinking aims to help consumers be better and more conscious at taking care of nature through the sustainable and recycled design that lives in harmony with nature.


Design requirement:

-    Your design should be combined with SPP concepts: Origin’s evolution, Technology Integration, Multi-Species Thinking:

-    You should choose one of following design directions and prepare the development proposal for SPP collection:

1) Underwear, sportswear, compressive product, shoe fabric or performance sock based for Autumn/Winter 2023-2024.

2) Health care, home textile, automotive or other industry textile based.


Designer application requirement:

-    Previous experience and knowledge of the knitted product

-    English speaking skill

-    Strong leadership skill and ability to communicate with technicians accurately.

-    Commitment to join the two-month program  

-    Your application needs previous design collections, including design concept, work process and final products.


Download link : Application Form

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