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1 feed single jersey circular knitting machine with the possibility of multicolor patterns with reciprocated heel.


Full-electronic programming of the knitting cycle, article and knitting adjustment.

Machine memory capable of storing various articles change by the machine’s keyboard or via Digraph3 Plus.


The machines allow production of socks and pantyhose.

Diameter -3”3/4 Needle no. -84,108,112,116,120,128,132,144,156,160,168,176,180,188,192,200
Standard equipment - GL615 – 3” ¾ cylinder gauge: from 7 to 17 - Max speed when knitting plain fabric: 350 rpm - Max speed with pattern or terry: 300 rpm (maximum speed may vary depending on yarn, knitting, lubrication etc) - Brushless and co-axial main motor - no. 8 “needle by needle” selection sections by means of electronic actuators with 8 levers each (needle selection) - 9 pneumatic yarn fingers (possibility upon request of 15 in total) - Elastic yarn finger with positive feeder (possibility upon request of a 2nd elastic yarn finger) - Pneumatic needle-rising cams control - Electronic adjustment of the fabric by cylinder movement by means of a stepping motor with various graduations options - Possibility to stop the circular cutter when yarn trimming is not required - Pneumatic dial head lowering - Monochromatic display - Possibility upon request of motorized sinkers cap Possible knitting - Single or double welt - Socks in plain fabric, standard or sandwich terry (half & full terry or rib terry with the same sinkers cap) - Possibility of mesh + 5 colors + ground color on the same course - Tuck + floating + mesh + 5 colors + ground color on the same course - Independent selection for elastic pattern + 5 colors + ground color - 3D effect socks, 180° reversed toe, right and left socks and 2 color heel and toe
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GOAL MP 615D- v1.0.0.1
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