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Double jersey machine for the production of Rib, interlock and 8 lock structured fabrics.

Machine can receive up to 4 cam tracks on cylinder and 2 on the dial.

Very versatilemachine with 2 feeders per diametrical inch. The best compromise for highest production of RIB and full range of 8 lock fabrics.

Individual cam shells made by special aluminum alloy(ergal)having a great heat dissipation property.

Automatic positioning of the fabric take down for quick removal of the fabric roll.

Dial can be set for delaying and synchronized needles timing without changing the cams.

Design of the needles and cams profile through a formula developed by Santoni assuring a precise and stable movement of the needles.

Very accurate cam adjustment by micrometrical screws.

Available with tubular as well as Open width frame(standard and industrial).

Open version can easily be converted into tubular fron by a simple operation.

Very compact open frame for an easy access to the knitting head.

Diameters 26" 28" 30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40" Gauge E10 - E24
Number of feeders 52 56 60 64 68 72 76 80 Max r.p.m."up to 22 gauge" 40 37 35 32 30 29 27 26
Standard Equipment -Aluminum side creel -Positive feeding units -Individual cam shells prepared to receive up to 4 cam tracks on cylinder and 2 on dial -Flip-up Zirconium yarn carrier -Micrometrical stitch adjustment -Uniwave flutter blowers on knitting head -Automatic oiling system -Electronic motor drive(inverter) -LFA-Yarn input measuring device -Eletronic needles detector -Motorized slitting and fabric opening system(Open width) Optional -Lycra feeding units -Open width frame(26" -32", 220cm - above 34",245 cm) -Lapping device system(tubular frame) -Industrial frame(both tubular and open width)
Application area Underwear,Sportswear,Outwear,Home textile,Medical Textiles,Technical Textiles
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