Basic iPolaris Programming Training _ TOP2 FAST Seamless Knitting Machine
Start Date: 2024-09-02
End Date: 2024-09-13

Trainer: Yunlong Zhang


·Working principle of TOP2 FAST
· The function and usage of iPlaris software 
· Practice with software and sampling on machine 



·Santoni customer
·potential customer 
·Product developer 
·Knitting colleage and  institution
·Cooperated designers.....

Duration (Day):10

Price (RMB): 9980.00

Language: Chinese/English

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Basic Programming Training_ SOOSAN SS163T Machine
Start Date: 2024-09-23
End Date: 2024-09-27

Trainer: Jingwei Feng/Yikai Pan


·Basic operation requirement and function introduction on SOOSAN SS163T sock machine
·Keyboard operation and related troubleshooting 
·Basic mechnical adjustment and quick-wear part replacement method 
·Usage of programming software                            
·Solution of commom knitting problems and sampling  practice on SOOSAN SS163T  sock machine
·Common machine setting and maintenance

Trainee: Product developer, sampling worker, ,....

Duration (Day):5

Price (RMB): 4980.00

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