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Modular feeds double knit electronic circular fabric produced either in continuous tubular fabric or separated pieces having single or double welt and separation yarn.


Needle by needle individual selection with three technical ways on the cylinder. Miss –needle-knit or miss-needle-tuck selection and transfer position with two technical ways on the dial.


The machine allows production of underwear, sportswear, outwear, swimwear ,home textile, sanitarywear garments as well as shoe upper fabric.

Diameters 14" 15" 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" 24" Gauge npi.13- 14 - 15 - 16 - 18 - 20
Needle Gauge 48gg-54gg-60gg-70gg Number of feeds Modular feeders with various possibilities in accordance to the machine diameter and required configuration. Diameters 14” and 15”:6 knit + 3 transfer feeders or 10 feeders one of which is integral Diameters from 16” to 20”:8 knit + 4 transfer feeders or 12 feeders one of which is integral or 9 knit + 3 transfer feeders Diameters 24”:12 knit + 6 transfer feeders
Transfer According to the machine configuration, always bidirectional Maximum Speed Speed factor(diam. in inches x rpm):All diameters: 640(i.e.:16"- 40rpm)
Type of selection Two actuators at 8 levels on all the knit feeds on the cylinder and one on the dial knit feeds. One on all the transfer feeds on both, cylinder&dial Stripping yarn fingers 6 colours yam fingers on each feed
Take-down New take-down system with pneumatic selection, mechanical control of the fabric tension & basket Stitch cams "Stitch formation adjustment is set diagonally to the stitch formation. Adjustment made by step by step motors with linear cams, it is independent by each knit feed on both, cylinder & dial.rapid stitch tightiness and gradiation on the same course(Patented by Santoni)
Stitch formation Indipendently on all the feeders Dial height adjustment Manual with micrometric control
Cylinder rotation Brushless Motor Yarn feeders No.2 sets LGL E-compact per each feeds
Electronic Controller SK HIE Electronic by Dinema Programming Software Diagraph 3 plus including Atlas, Quasar, Photon, Galois.The programmes can be transferred to the machine by FDU-2/3 or by USB key. On request PULSAR software
Consumption Absorbed power: 2.2Kw. Compressed air:50 liters/1'at 6 Bar Weight approx.1300kg
Production Underwear, outwear garment, shoe upper fabric,home textile Regulations The machine meets the CE normative and is UL compatible
Extra devices Rolling feeder, Dinema plus, LGL Spin 1, LGL mini, LGL E-compact, BTSR Ultrafeeder 2
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