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8 feeds single jersey electronic circular knitting machine, with 2 needle by needle selections on each feed with 3 technical ways for the knitting feeder plus 1 selection point for the needle transfer stitch, for the production of fish-net or antidrop stitch structures (Santoni patent). 


The machine allows production of underwear, sportswear, swimwear and sanitarywear garments.

Diameters 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" Gauge E16 (gg48) E20 (gg54) E24 (gg54)
Needle Gauge gg48 & gg54 Number of feeds 8 for any diameter
Maximum Speed Diameters from 16" to 20" speed factor =1300 (16" 80 rpm when knitting plain jersey) Diameters from 16" to 20" speed factor =1000 (16" 60 rpm when knitting fishnet fabric) Type of selection no. 2 + 1 actuators with 16 livels on each feed.
Stripping yarn fingers 7 multiposition yarn fingers on each feed (Patented by Santoni) no. 3 + 4 fingers on the main feed. Optional: (using the 4 exctractable cams for plain jersey) no. 2 yarn fingers per colour on the ground yarn. Trappers for bared and covered elastic yarns no. 3 units on each feed
Jacks dial & yarn cutter Dial vertical movement driven by step-by-step motor which allows the height variation of the cutter work. Suction system By 2 suction fans or central system. Inner tube stitch formation Ф150 mm. Garment transfer tube Ф 100 mm.
Stitch cams Stitch formation adjustment using step-by step motors, done in an indipendent way on each feed, with possibility of loop widening, tightening and shading on the same course (Patented by Santoni) Main knitting possibilities Single or double welt knitted with jacks by means of several selections with knitted , floated or laid-in elastic yarn. With 8 feeds on the same course: 3 technical ways, plus fishnet or anti-drop stitch structures; pattern with floated yarn (or sharp pattern) in 2 technical ways (knit and miss) plus fishnet or anti-drop structures. Possibility of inlaid knit work on all feeds. Optional: n°4 extractable knit cams to work at 4 feeds on the same course by using 3 technical ways plus 2 colours on the ground yarn and fishnet or anti-drop stitch structures; 3 technica ways plus pattern with floated yarn (or sharp pattern) plus one colour on the ground yarn and fishnet or anti-drop stitch structures.
Sinker cap Close sinker cams Yarn feeders n°10 BTSR ULTRAFEEDER (2 for the elastic board), plus' n°8 LGL Santoni EVO-AF feeders with serial connection anabling visualization on board display of yarn absorption. Optional: BTSR ULTRAFEEDER; MEMMINGER SFE - ELAN ;LGL Santoni EVO
Yarn sensor no. 43 optical serial sensor Cylinder rotation Brushless motor and electronic handwheel for manual control
Electronic Controller HIE2 Electronic (High Integration Electronic) with integrated board from Dinema, for the serial checking of all exit, protected from short circuit. RAM memori capacity 6 MB. Programming Software Diagraph 3 plus including Atlas, Quasar,Photon, Galois.The programmes can be transferred to the machine by FDU-2/3 or by USB key. On request PULSAR software
Consumption Absorbed power:from fans 4,1 Kw (at 400V & 50Hz)or 5,2Kw (at 220V & 60 Hz); from motor 2,2Kw. Compressed Air:50 liters/1'at 6 Bar. Weight approx.620/770kg.
Production "SEAMLESS-WEAR, UNDERWEAR, OUTWEAR, SWIMWEAR, SPORTSWEAR (possibility to use a wide range of yarns including bared & covered elastomer). Regulations The machine meets the CE normative and is UL compatible.
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