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Single-cylinder machine with dial needles for the production of quality socks in true rib with up to 4 colors.

The Sangiacomo Star-D is an high tech machine that combines productivity and quality with extreme simplicity of use.

This machine features a hollow shaft main motor integrated and fitted directly on the cylinder. This solution eliminates the consumption of electricity.

Upon request the Star-D can be equipped with the “Classic linking system” for the closure of the toe with true”needle by needle” link.

DESCRIPTION —Single cylinder,dial needle machine with 2 feeds to produce quality socks with pattern with: —4colours(with diameter3½”4”and4½”) —3colours(with diameter5”) —The Star-D is a newly designed machine based on the proven structure and features of the previous model HT but works with a new Dinema electronic control and uses the DG raph 3 Plus software, It knits with two feeds and has needles on the dial. —The Star-D comes in four diameters:3½”-4”-4½”-5” —Main machine motor is hollow shaft type integrated with cylinder housing. This solution eliminates the need of transmission between motor and cylinder therefore reducing friction and energy consumption. —“Real Link”toe closing.As optional, the Star-D can be equipped with an automatic toe closing system.This is a classic linking system performed on an separate device positioned on the side og the machine.The linking system is automatic toe closing system. This is a classic linking system performed on an separate device positioned on the side of the machine The Technical Features —2feed machine with: 6 selection units,(with dismeter 3½”4”and4½”) —Needle by needle selection in any part of the sock. First Feed feature:5 selection units,1 for ground and 4 for colors(with diameter 3½”,4”anf4½”) 4selection units,1for ground and 3 for colors(with diameter5”) Second Feed, can be used for excluded easily featuring 1 selection unit. —Yarn Fingers:n°8 on first feed and n°4 on second feed,n°3 for each of the 4 feeds for colour(with diameter 3½”4”and4½”)n°3for each of the 3 feeds for colour(with diameter 5”) —Stitch adjustment by step-by-step motor independently programmable. —Programming simple style design by Dinema DIGRAPH3 PLUS software. Production Data collection Optional upon request”LINE BANK”system by Dinema.
Production Feature —Rib elastic weit —Double welt with possibility of 2 elastics in 2 feeds —1:1Rib socks and possibility to change to 3:1-5:1 etc. On leg and foot, —Pattern sock with 4 colors plus ground with diameter 3½”4”and4½”.3 with diameter 5”,on plain, terry or jacquard, —Jacquard Sock 1:1 —Jacquard Rib Sock —Normal terry or plated terry sock —2 feed plus heel and toe reinforced sock —Multiple colour striped sock —Tuck stitch —Imitation of mesh pattern —Imitation of links pattern
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