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High Productivity 8 feeds single jersey electronic circular knitting machine with two needle by needle selections on each feed with 3 technical ways (configuration with 16 actuators).


Possibility to knit floated plating design and in laid elastic yarn. Patented Santoni system enables the knitting of 8 feeds pattern with high definition and extremely sharp color.


The machine allows production of underwear, outwear, sportswear, swimwear and medical wear.

Diameters -12”,13”,14”,15”,16”,17”,18”,19”,20”,21”,22”
Machine gauge(npi) -npi.20-22-24-26-28-32-40
Needle gauge -gg 70-75-80
Number of feeds -8 for every diameter
Maximum Speed -Speed factor 1200 for 11” (11”-110rpm)-Speed factor 1350 for 12” (12”-110rpm) -Speed factor 1700 from 13” to 22”(13”-130rpm) -Speed factor 1250 for Gauge 40 all diameters (13”-95rpm)
Type of actuator Two 16-level serial actuators each feed
Yarnfinger group -8 yarnfingers per feed (including no.2 yarnfingers for color) with integrated control board & solenoid valves
Trappers for bared and covered elastic yarns -No.1 trapper each feed plus 2 trappers for elastic welt on feed no.2 and 6
Take-down -Suction with 2 fans or a centralized system
Needle selection cams -8-feed knitting with 3 technical ways,2 technical ways +1 color and clear pattern. Laid in option on all the feeds. Optional : Extractable stitch cams to knit with 4 feeds.
Stitch cams -Stitch cam adjustment by independent step motors for each feed
Waist belt -Single or double welt with dial jacks in different selections. The elastic yarn can be knitted, laid-in or floated
Feeders-standard configuration - no.10 SANTONI BODYMAP,no.8 sets SANTONI FAST
Feeders-Optional -Memminger IRO EFS, ELAN 30, BTSR rolling feeder,BTSR Ultrafeeder,Dinema Plus
Yarn sensors -Dinema Spyder standard: 25 sets,Optional configuration:33,35 sets
Electronic controller -New Dinema Linux XQ electronic with 7” touch screen and USB port
Programming -Kit Diagraph 3 plus, which includes Atlas, Quasar, Photon and Galois patented by Santoni
Consumption -Main motor:3.8kw.-Absorbed power (from 11” to 16”): 4.1KW (400V-50Hz) or 5.1 KW (200V-60Hz) for fans. -Absorbed power (from 17” to 22”): 4.4KW (400V-50Hz) or 5.6KW (200V-60Hz) for fans. -Compressed air,50L/1’ at 6 Bar
Weights -600/720 kg
Regulations -The machine is in accordance with CE regulation and UL compatible


Usama Ali
Replied: 08 Oct, 2021
Sir Kindly inform that 14'' dial Guage
Usama Ali
Replied: 12 Oct, 2021
Sir, Mpp issue
Usama Ali
Replied: 12 Oct, 2021
Sir, We face a problem of hooking dial
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