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 Electronic-Jacquard single jersey machine with 3 technical ways

 2.4 feeders per inch combining high productivity with a wide range of pattern possibilities

Double guidance sinkers ensuring a very steady movement of the sinkers allowing uniform loops all over the fabric

Equipped with common needles available worldwide at competitive price

PIEZO selection system with individual needle selection on every feed

3 technical ways for positioning the needles in knit-tuck-miss allowing a wide range of knitting structures.

 Integrated cam box and selection system (patented by Santoni) with the advantage of reducing the “knitting area” dimension allowing an easy access to the knitting head

 Multifunction control panel with USB

Use friendly software

Fast pattern change which helps to reduce down-times improving the machine efficiency

Yarn feeders with CAN-BUS serial connection enabling visualization on board display of yarn consumption

Available with tubular as well as Open width frame

Diameters 30" 34" Gauge 18-32
No of Feeders 72 84 Max r.p.m. 25 22
Standard Equipment - Aluminum side creel - Positive feeding units - Micrometrical stitch cam adjustment - Electronically controlled yarn feeding units - Automatic oiling system - Electronic motor drive (inverter) - LFA - Yarn input measuring device - Electronic needles detector - Piezo-ceramic selection system built in the cam boxes Optionals - Lycra feeding units - Open width frame - Lapping device system (tubular frame) - Latch opener for drop stitch designs - Mesh conversion kit - Designing software
Application area Underwear,Sportswear,Outerwear,Medical Textiles
ZENIT 2.4 JE 2017 V02.compressed.pdf