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Single jersey machine for the production of three thread fleece.

Double guidance sinker cams in combination with well designed sinkers with tail,ensures uniform loops all over the fabric &less wear &tear of sinkers.

Excellent fabric quality both with usual three thread fleece & plaited three thread fleece where the tie-in yarn is different (e.g. polyester) than the ground yarn (e.g. cotton)

Individual cam shells made by special aluminum alloy(ergal)having a great heat dissipation property.

Automatic positioning of the fabric take down for quick removal of fabric roll.

The machine is prepared with 3 cam tracks and can be equipped with devices for elastomeric knitting on all feeds.

Easy to convert into single jersey and structure.

Diameters 30" 32" 34" 36" Gauge 16-24
No of Feeders 90 96 102 108 Max r.p.m. 28 26 24 22
Standard Equipment -Aluminum side creel -Positive feeding units -Individual cam shells prepared to receive up to 4 cam tracks -Automatic oiling system -Electronic motor drive(inverter) -LFA-Yarn input measuring device -Centralized stitch control -Eletronic needles break detectors Optionals -Lycra feeding units -Lapping device system -Industrial frame -S/J conversion kit
Application area Outwear,sportswear
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