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Santoni (Shanghai)


Santoni (Shanghai) was founded in 2005 and is wholly owned by Italy Lonati Group. In 2013, Santoni Industrial Park was built, integrate the supply chain to provide strong guarantee for product development and production.

Based on knitting machinery technology, Santoni (Shanghai) continues to lead the technical development trend of the industry. In the field of mechanical technology, Santoni (Shanghai) pioneered seamless market in China and has a global market share of 90%; Having the leading technology on fine gauge large diameter machine, exclusive ring forming technology without sinker and 90 gauge single jersey knitting machine; In the field of hosiery machine, it is the first to promote fully automatic sewing technology, into the process of industrial automation. Santoni (Shanghai) actively develops multi brand strategy, with four strong brands, Santoni, Jingmei, Soosan and Hengsheng, comprehensively serves the markets of China, Southeast Asia, America and Africa.

The application of digital and network technology to the field of textile design and production is the next key development direction of Santoni (Shanghai). In terms of intelligent factory supporting, c2m business model and industrial chain information integration design auxiliary platform, special products should be introduced to the market.