About us

Santoni (Shanghai)


Established in 2005, Santoni Shanghai Knitting Machineries Co., ltd.  offers a full range of innovative textile knitting products and solutions to its customers. With two decades of journey, its business expanded with multidimensional organic growth and through acquisitions.

Today Santoni Shanghai owns several circular knitting machines brands, particularly JingMei for the large diameter, Hengsheng for the mid and SOOSAN for the small diameter before adding up Terrot and Pilotelli both focused on large diameter production. Fueled by this enormous combination of capabilities Santoni Shanghai aims to take the experience of its customers to a different level with the development of the ecosystem that offers a Knitting Platform for the intelligent manufacturing plant, "Materialliance" a portal connecting designers and makers, an Innovation Lab, C2M solutions like the recently launched "MyKnit" program, and Textile Automation offerings. http://www.santoni.cn