The 11th Session Santoni Pioneer Program Starts Today

The new session of Santoni Pioneer Program (SPP) begins today. The four designers are all from China and have expertise in different fields. It will take two months, through intensive study and experiment, to realize their ideas through various technologies of Santoni.

The goal of SPP is to combine the designer's ideas with the characteristics of yarns and machines, and to expand the range of possible applications of knitwear. More than 40 domestic and overseas designers have explored the possibilities of knitwear from different perspectives.

Recently, Santoni also opened the sample database to the public, which can be easily accessed through the connection of Santoni official website. Register in the website, view the details of the sample.

Go to the website now and search for collections by different designers:

Rebecca Marsden

Hsiang Ju Kung

Bettina Blomstedt

Daniela Becker

Gilles Webrouck

Mira Jarvinen

Bethan Juliff

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