1st “Santoni cup” Knitting Technology Innovation Competition

1st “Santoni cup”

 Knitting Technology Innovation Competition

I  Competition Background 

As the leader of seamless knitting technology, Santoni (Shanghai) inherits the tradition of exquisite technology and perfect design concept from Europe, and continues to explore and innovation in knitting technology and has been granted many patents.

The share of Santoni seamless machines in global market is always more than 75%.  Santoni is the first to develop sinkerless knitting technology and the super fine gauge machine can reach E90.

Santoni (SH) is always committed to scientific and technological innovation, application innovation and talents cultivation. Santoni CircuLAB already delivery hundreds of qualified technicians to the industry since established five years ago. In past two years Santoni Pioneer Program successfully offer free training to nearly 20 designer from global on seamless knitted product development, and some of them already employed by international brands like Nike, SKECHERS,….

Santoni join hands with Donghua University again to build a multi-culture sci-tech innovation platform. With the concept “breakthrough and innovation of science and technology”, the aim is to encourage creation and innovation from young talents, lead new technology trend in knitting industry.

II  Organization

Host by: Committee of Donghua University of Communist Youth League

Co-Organizer: College of Textiles, Donghua University

Organizer: Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co. Ltd

The Jury: The famous professor and expert from domestic and overseas

III  Competition topic 

This competition is focus on knitting technology improvement and innovation. Applicants should choose one topic and work on your design.

1)Expand Knitting Capability

2)Improve yarn short device

3)Increase Machine Productivity 

4)New stitch formation technology

IV  Competition schedule  

1. Application deadline: July 20th, 2017  

2. Competition training: Late of August, 2017       

3. Work submit: October 31th, 2017

4. Pre-evaluation: Beginning of November, 2017

5. Finals: End of November, 2017 

V  Application requirement

1. The competition opens to all undergraduates and graduates. Applicants can apply by an individual or a team of up to four people with one tutor.

2. Select on topic and submit with initial innovation idea when apply.

3. Language: English is the official language.

(Note: All information and design instruction should be in English.) 

VI  Competition Flowchart

1. Application

Download application form on Santoni website www.santoni.cn, and fulfill all information of your team, and submit with initial innovation idea to SKTCcompetition@santoni.cn. Please appoint the team leader for future contact. (All information should be in English.)

2. Competition Training

The training on knitting machinery design will be organized in August, 2017. The specific time will be informed by competition committee in advance.

3. Work Submit

1)All participants should submit your entries in electronic edition to SKTCcompetition@santoni.cn includes creative instruction and drawings before October 31th, 2017. Email title should be “Title of your entries + application number”.

2)English is the official language. All the work submitted should be in Chinese and English instructions

3)Competition committee reject any printed work, which will be printed and displayed unified.

4. Evaluation

Participants should do a presentation; the jury will give score onsite to confirm the order of all wining works.

5. If have any questions, please send email to SKTCcompetition@santoni.cn

VII  Award

1. Scholarships and Certificate for person and team.

1st Prize (1 team): Certificate and 6,000.00 RMB (before tax);

2nd Prize (3 teams): Certificate and 3,500.00 RMB (before tax);

3rd Prize (5 teams): Certificate and 1,500.00 RMB (before tax);

Honorable Mentions: Certificate and Souvenir

2. The winner can have the Internship opportunity.

3. The champion will get the chance to realize the idea with the help of sponsors.

4. The prize-winning works have chance to be selected for “Challenge Cup “National Undergraduate Curricular Academic Science and Technology Race.

VIII  Competition Rule

1. Participants have the copyright of their works; competition organizer and sponsors have other rights except the right of signature of the works.  In the absence of specifically prohibit of laws, all participants are regarded as agree that competition organizer and sponsors have right to use their name and portrait freely for promotion on website, publication, advertisement, exhibition, conference, etc. 

2. The innovation work submitted must be the first public release, and can’t a draft cast more, otherwise be considered invalid.

3. The jury can’t work as participants’ tutor; otherwise the participants will be disqualified.

4. All participants are regarded as agree to obey the rules of the competition when submit their works. Competition committee reserves the right of final interpretation of this competition.

IX  Contact

1. Contact way of Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co. Ltd

  Contacts: Ms Gabi Chu

Competition Email: SKTCcompetition@santoni.cn

Telephone: 021-57240777-365

Competition website: www.santoni.cn

2. Contact way of Donghua University

  Contacts:  Ms Rong Yang, Mr Ye Ma

  Telephone: 021-67792231-8003, 021- 67799826

  Email: ye.ma@dhu.edu.cn


Committee of Donghua University of Communist Youth League

College of Textiles, Donghua University

Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co. Ltd

June 2017

Application Download:  ApplicationForm

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