2ND SPP coming to an end!

After 2 months, 2nd SPP graduated in 9th December 2015.

SPP designers showed products what they have achieved in the past two months in Santoni .

Designers——Especially in the production of an artistic work , with unique imagination and insight.

designed By Suzanne                             

Color & Texture explorations in seamless garments & Socks

Color——color palette inspired from vibrant dye techniques like shibori, space-dye yarns where color fades and gradients between colors

Texture——create surface interest through focused development of stitch structure

Technical——apply technical knowledge in collaboration with expert technicians to build dimensional qualities in circular knit fabrics

designed By Cynthia                          


A menswear knitwear collection exploring floral imagery combined with computer glitch deliberate mistakes as an inspiration.

designed by Patrick                     

3rd SPP is coming soon, welcome every talent with creative design!

We are here waiting for you!



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