Santoni Pioneer Program | Polina Krichko

4th Santoni Pioneer Program | Polina Krichko

Polina Krichko  said: “I got interested in Santoni Pioneer Program, since I think circular knit can truly innovate the shoe making industry. The possibility to combine different structures to get various qualities in one material, can push the boundaries in an artistic way, as well as applied to the industry. The ultimate goal was to innovate current shoe making processes and break existing thinking patterns.

At the starting point of the project, I’ve been playing with circular designs. Experimenting with tubes I tried to imagine which look or feel I want to achieve. Something light and fluid, engaging with the body. With lots of prototypes and many fittings, we developed an over the knee tubular piece with compression features. It follows body lines and fits perfectly, giving support in any possible leg position.

As for the shoe, I paid extra attention to the anatomy of the foot and created zones with different qualities. Mid section is very stable and gives extra support; central area is more soft, breathable and elastic, for a more comfortable fit and free movement, sides are also elastic, but very dense, which provides needed support without restricting movement; toe part is the most rigid.

To build the inner space of the knit, I tested yarns with all the right features. Extra durable meta-aramid yarn. Dryarn – lightweight, breathable, insulating. Celliant – recycles and converts radiant body heat into infrared energy, which has positive effects on the body. It promotes circulation, increases tissue oxygen levels, enhances cell vitality and regulates body temperature.” 


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