5th Santoni Pioneer Program丨We are looking for you!


Please e.mail your fully completed application to sppapplications@santoni.cn along with an up-to-date CV, images of previous work and development ideas for your capsule collection.

Mail to: sppapplications@santoni.cn

Application deadline: 28 / 02/ 2017 


Application requirement:

-    Previous experience and knowledge of knitted product

-    English speaking skill

-    Strong leadership skill and ability to delegate tasks to technicians

-    Commitment to join the eight-week program  


Design Requirement:

-    Your design should be combined with SPP concepts.

-    Your collection should be one look of clothes including underwear, outwear, socks or shoes fabrics for Autumn/winter 2017-2018.

-    Santoni (SH) has the right of using products for publicity, display and promotion.

-    Santoni (SH) reserves the right of final interpretation of SPP.


Application Form:

 Application_Santoni Pioneer Program_2017.doc


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