5th Santoni Pioneer Program 2017 Graduation

This article is going to lead you to review the 5th Santoni Pioneer Program graduation fashion show.


Jessica Leclere

Functional Fashion 

In this collection I was looking to reflect this idea by using a fashion approach to active-wear and

creating fashionable pieces, which are also comfortable and functional. During my research for this project

I was looking at interesting knitted structures, sportswear finish details and imagery around the theme of sound waves.

Made on: Santoni TOP2 FAST& MEC MOR CMP

Georgie Brunmayr

It Feels Good To Move

The concept behind my design is to explore how the body interacts with materials and how garments

can change with force from movement. 

Made on: Santoni TOP2 FAST& SM-DJ2TS& GOAL 615 MP&GOAL 615 D

Krzysia Staniszewska

Experimental shoe upper

My inspiration is the water curves lines through its prism, which was more of visual feeling 

and my construction inspiration is tubular climbing tape, that is strong and soft at the same time.

Made on: Santoni SM-DJ2T & GOAL 615 MP

Sonjia Baier

Feel the impact · Make an impact

The purpose of the line is to support the athlete both physically and mentally, hence enhance the performance.

This goal is achieved by the designand fit of the pieces. The collection should emphasize the topic even more:

you feel the impact of the garments on your skin and muscles which helps you to make an impact on your performance.

Made on: Santoni SM8-TR1& SM4-TL2 &TOP2 FAST

Matilda Tuure


Inspired by the healing qualities of nature.WITHIN focuses on finding an alternative to unsustainable

oil based fabrics that are often used in functional clothing and sportswear. 

Made on: Santoni MEC MOR CMP& SM8-TR1

Ethan Chen (Bangjie)

Seamless +

I designed a sports bra set and a cape and a derivative of my cloak. and the designed theme is around light,

thin, transparent, and bright colors.

Made on: Santoni TOP2 FAST

Jiahui Wu(UTO)

Based on the movement of sports demand, explore the performance of seamless close-fitting layer sportswear,

promote sports wearing comfortable.

Olga Willadsen


The combination of knit and purl stitches creates a conflict in the material where the opposing stitches over lap.
By Combining knit and purl stitches I have exploited the conflict in the material to create the silhuet of the garment.

Made on: Santoni SM4-TL2& SM-DJ2T& SM-DJ2TS


SPECIAL Thanks To  




屹立 Nilit

华孚 Huafu

银之川 Galaxy

晓星氨纶 Creora

扬子纺纱 Südwolle

澳洲羊毛局 Woolmax



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