Beijing Design Week

In this urban age, how can we be healthy and happy in our cities? And how should we nurture our cities, with clean air, water and energy?

Join us to explore the answers for a sustainable future.


Change the Circle __EVADELAAT Studio*Carola Design*Santoni Technology


The fashion industry is considered to be the second largest polluter in the world, second only to energy production. Around 80%

of its environmental impact originates in the design stage. We believe that we can make products more sustainable by reversing

their creation process, whereby designs result from yarn and machine selection.

- Using Santoni new technology that is 20 times faster than conventional knitting for shoes, which significantly reduces energy and water usage;

- Selecting thermal yarns that negate the need for hazardous chemicals when moulding the shoe shape;
- Incorporating new dyeing techniques that are more environmentally friendly.

Products also become more sustainable by improving their functionality. Creating high quality, functional performance footwear and apparel

reduces the need for a multiplicity of garments. Such products “can do more with less” and serve to lengthen the product life cycle, contrary to

fast disposable fashion. For example, the shoes are developed for the application of adding connectivity to the material-the wearer is able to

incorporate different kinds of chips and access Wi-Fi, GPS and so forth.

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