Designer Vision- 7th SPP Graduation Presentation

  Energizing concept  

Eveliina Ronkainen - Finland

The energizing concept is designed for busy daily life, to give an extra boost for the user, “to go the extra mile”. Designed to give the user the right mood and positive energy, so that the day is as good as possible. 

The outfit is created with the idea to find the best feeling for all-day-long. It includes the layers of knitwear, from light wool to heavier structures. 

Erwin Blumenfeld’s photographs from late 1940’s and Dior’s New Look have been the inspiration for the knitwear patterns and structures.

When She first came here one of my ideas was to play with the pleats. She wanted to try out and see if there are different ways to make knitted pleats and to find the shapes and structures which are most suitable for knitted pleats.


  Sporty, Elegant, Fun  

Céline Bouaziz - France

The knit pattern on both fabric development express overlapping layers of fabrics, people and stories. Suits mixed with childhood wall stickers (child prints), overall creating a modern and pop aesthetic. 

The shape is second skin look, a top that you can put on like a socks. 

Some writing elements in the knits, ie. “ハランベ+BOBBY” and “Bum.2.yo”, are not random writings. They tell about her personal experiences, good times and hard times, she connect them with events and people that influenced her in the past few months of her life.



Arianna Ganda - Italy

Taking inspiration from the Italian artist Alberto Burri, the core and the decorative aspects of the capsule collection are simply expressed by the repeated pattern with the use of different yarns and knitting techniques.

Techniques that make us wonder about the relationship between deterioration and the process of creation.

At the beginning of creation, she try yo use wool, but then her realize that it wasn’t fluffy enough for her, so she put together Polyester, wool, and cover lycra. This effect is made by the floating yarns.

We also attract a lot of brands, yarn suppliers and freelance designers to join this graduation presentation.

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