Features|Santoni before the lockdown administration of Shanghai

At 20:23 on the evening of March 27, the Shanghai Prevention and Control Office issued a notice of a new round of nucleic acid screening in the city. From 5 o'clock on March 28, Pudong, Punan and adjacent areas were sealed and controlled, nucleic acid screening was carried out, and the seal was lifted at 5 o'clock on April 1.


After receiving the notice of lockdown management, Santoni (Shanghai) immediately made a decision and reacted immediately, through overall arrangement and coordination, colleagues from various relevant departments rushed back to the work site at the first time to ensure that machines and DJ-7's parts were issued before the closure.


Due to the strong wind in the middle of the night, colleagues can only light through the forklift headlamps and post the shipment marks. Despite the harsh conditions on site, colleagues raced against the clock, methodically worked and dispatched the goods at 3:00 a.m. before the closure.


During this special period, all employees of Santoni (Shanghai) have taken out a special spirit and embodied special responsibilities to reduce the impact of the epidemic on customers.

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