Man’s wear

A look with focus on particular suits and coats which gives a full display of the power of Santoni circular knitting machines.  The outfit is completed by a big knitted scarf and ankle socks of the same color.

Woman’s wear

The bird’s eye jacquard knitted garments are produced with the Santoni MECMOR machine.  Thanks to the MECMOR machine the knitted tie is produced and studied in every detail, in order to avoid double-knitted stitch thickness, the garment is produced with a mosaic silk pattern.  This look is suitable for a casual occasion but at the same time is elegant and with particular details all carefully realized with Santoni MECMOR machine.

Woman’s wear (left)

The bird’s eye rib jacquard knitted fabrics and the neckline are produced with a flat knitting machine.  The printed silk shirt and the matching wool sweater are at the same time elegant and extravagant.  The socks are manufactured using Santoni circular knitting machine for the production of socks.

Woman’s wear (right)

Santoni MECMOR circular knitting machine for bird’s eye jacquard knitted garments represents the Chinese philosophical view of the heaven, it allows very few cuts and it is the solution for saving time during the production.  The use of printed silk and bias-cut technique for the lining facilitates garment details that require extra elasticity and flexibility.

Women’s wear (right)

The body is knitted by 16 needle SM-DJ2T machine, the diameter of the body has the same size of the waistline. There is a split in the front part of the garment under the waistline so that the fabric is loose enough and more confortable.  The use of the jacquard and the process of milling the wool improve the thickness, the strength and the texture of the fabric.  For the neckline and the cuff it is used the same technique which is used for the ribbon of the Chinese “qipao”.  The pants in bird’s eye jacquard fabric are produced with the 16 needle MECMOR machine.



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