Nautilus helps you to manage your production


  • Nautilus, A production management system comes from the original manufacturer

Nautilus is a data collection system developed by Lonati group that can perfectly work with Lonati and Santoni Machines.


  • Nautilus, an intelligent, stable and reliable system.

The system has been developed from 1985 and continuously improved with the technology development & management knowledge from our customers.


  • Standard computer network makes the system easy to install and manage

Nautilus connects all your machines in your factory through standard computer network. It continuously collects the production information automatically and presents it to the computer on your desk.


  • Nautilus monitors and improves your production efficiency significantly.

Nautilus gives you productions with real piece cycle time to follow and schedule order and reduce machine down time. You get all knitting machines stop to be able to evaluate knit program, yarn, spare part and your worker.


  • Nautilus operates your knitting machines remotely

Nautilus allows you to send command and Knitting program directly to the knitting machine even when the knitting machine is running. This can effectively reduce the labor cost and avoid manual mistake.


You can also remotely check the knitting machine display on your PC and operate the knitting machine remotely or get service from Santoni\Lonati technician.


  • Nautilus helps you to avoid waste effectively

By monitor the running status of all knitting machines, Nautilus can help you to balance the production load, improve the quality management and effectively avoid waste.


  • Nautilus, Create your own information asset automatically.

Automatically collect, Store and analyze the precious Real-Time production information, provide input data for business system like ERP system, Save labor cost and improve the efficiency and accuracy.


  • Nautilus, your private expert in your production management

Only Nautilus system help you to have an insight into your production, effectively manage your production process, reduce your cost, improve your efficiency and product quality.