One visit to knitting town-Zhang Cha

Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery co, Ltd CEO Gianpietro Belotti was accompanied by Zhangcha Bureau, China Knitting Textile Industry Association to visit some knitting leading enterprises in Zhangcha on 26th June. “As a world-famous machinery manufacturer leader in seamless, we have advanced equipment, technology and design concept; Zhangcha is the biggest fabric base in the world, I can foresee a brilliant future if it combines with Santoni technology.” Gianpietro Belotti said. Zhangcha got an amazing and rapid growth recent years, we find a “Chinese Dream” in European Industrial Park, Zhangcha and Foshan.

During this investment promotion conference, Zhangcha street has successfully signed nearly 20 key projects with many companies.

In the afternoon, Santoni delegation came to Zhangcha Dongcheng Liyi Industrial Park together with president of China Knitting Industry Association Shibin Yang and Dongcheng Yili chief.

A group of people and mass media visited some representative enterprises inside the industrial zone like Andongni, Jinhongmian, Dongcheng Liyi etc that are committed to the development of knitting industry, forming a complete industrial chain from design, R&D to production.

Santoni further discussed with Dongcheng Liyi group about park construction and future development, Santoni indicated the advantage of Dongcheng Liyi Park in the knitting industry is quite unique, Santoni has a strong will to enter inside.


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