Professor Long from Donghua University at Santoni CircuLAB

    On March 24th 2014 professor Hairu Long from the Textile Institute of Donghua University was invited to take part at Santoni CircuLAB and held one day training and analysis about weft knitted fabrics. Among the people who took part in this training was overseas customer’s technicians and company’s employees.

During the training, professor Long explained every step and possibility to analyze weft knitted fabrics and he let the students combine plain weave fabric, double rib fabric, modified rib fabric, two or three colours jacquard, jacquard cylinder, alternate jacquard, imitation eyelet, eyelet, tucking rib, terry and understanding of the fabrics analysis methods. At the same time professor Hairu Long explained briefly the design of knitwear products which are frequently used, so that the technicians had the chance to acquire a better knowledge of it.

After the training and explanations of professor Hairu Long, the trainees will have a full understanding of the characteristics and analysis method of weft knitted fabrics. The training of professor Hairu Long not only helped the technicians to broaden their knowledge, but also helped them to acquire a better and practical knowledge. The students said that after SCL they hope that other trainings like this one will be organized in the future.


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