Return to work the first day, Santoni production capacity recover nearly ninety percent

China is a great country and we contribute to make it greater. Doctors do their jobs. Heros are being heros. Our job is to do run our normal lives again. 

Santoni Shanghai CEO - Mr. Gianpietro Belotti


Maintain normal economic and social order, and finally win the fight against epidemic prevention and control. Santoni followed the government's policy and began to resume production in an orderly manner on the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic.

Because the local control measures are slightly different, so we specially ask the person in charge of  Santoni sales, logistics, after service, supply chain and production.


Q & A-Sales

Q: Are the sales staff already in place?

A: All sales staff have entered the working state.

Q: Will the pre-holiday orders be affected by the epidemic?

A: The start date is ten days later than originally planned, which does put greater pressure on our production. But at present, most of the pre-holiday orders can be guaranteed and will not be affected.


Q & A-Logistics

Q: Domestic and international logistics is normal?

A: Both deliveries and pick-ups are possible, but there will be delays due to factors such as epidemic prevention and control and restricted logistics.


Q & A-After Service

Q: How many after service offices all over the world?

A: Overseas: Vietnam, India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Italy; Domestic: Shantou, Yiwu, Haining.

Q: Each office can provide normal after-sales service?

A: Overseas unaffected. However, due to local policy restrictions, all domestic after-sales service points have not started. We will pay close attention to local construction policies and cooperate with local customers to do production recovery.


Q & A-Supply Chain

Q: Santoni procurement supply chain is normal? Suppliers have resumed?

A: The spare parts supply chain is yet to be fully restored, and will be greatly improved next week.


Q & A-Production

Q: Return to work the first day, how many production line employees are there?

A: The employee arrival rate is 84%.

Q: Is production fully restored?

A: Basic recovery is nearly 90%.

Q: What is the current delivery time of various models?

A: Seamless machine (15 ~ 45 days), large diameter machine (30 ~ 60 days), socks machine (30 ~ 45 days).


Although the experience of extended Spring Festival holiday and delayed resumption of work, on the first day of the resumption of work at Santoni, everyone has begun to work in an orderly manner.

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