Santoni celebrates 100 years at ITMA

Santoni was founded in 1919 as the first Italian socks machine manufacturer and in 1989 it became part of the Lonati group, a world leader in the production of sock and pantyhose machines. The superposition of capital and technology strength, continued in-depth research and development in circular weft knitting machinery, while expanding product lines, working in both the mechanical design and mechanical applications. Santoni strive to help every customer to gain advantage in terms of cost and product markets in different areas.

ITMA 2019 Barcelona coincides with Santoni was born a hundred years. During the exhibition, the group with the most advanced machines and textile application cases to illustrate how the brand can prosper for centuries. Large diameter machine, seamless machine, socks machine, shoes machine and rear equipment, 5 series of nearly 50 machines will demonstrate different products on site. Optimizing the production process and applying automation and intelligence to actual production will also be a major theme.

Underwear, sportswear, swimwear, denim, socks, shoes, smart clothing, no matter what kind of product you are concerned about, Santoni booth have prepared a rich content for you.


Three large diameter machines, Zenith HS, Pulsar Double Face, and  Zenit 2.4 JE mesh RP from Santoni Shanghai will also be exhibited.

Fine gauge + + combined functionality

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the comfort of market conditions contributed to the strong performance of functional fabrics in recent years. However, a single function does not fully meet the needs of consumers, and fabrics that combine different functions and organics can be recognized by the user with the most comprehensive comfort. Double face machine (PULSAR 34" E40 open 220 F94) make the fabric soft, feel good and breathable.

Mesh Jacquard

Mesh jacquard fabrics occupy a large share of the women's and underwear market. After years of development, the market has become more and more demanding on the effect of the fabric. After the upgrade of the cam, Santoni single jacquard machine (ZENIT 2.4JE Mesh RP 30" E28 F36), the fabric has a rich visual stereoscopic effect, and the pattern is clearer and thinner.

High productivity + high quality

Santoni Zenit HS, a single high-speed machine series adopted by many large knitting factories, will also introduce the latest model (Zenit HS 30" E28 open 220 F90) at this exhibition. High quality (40RPM) still guarantees high quality.

Nowadays, the textile market is developing rapidly and fiercely. No matter which part of the industry chain, it is necessary to maintain the attention and enthusiasm of the latest technology in order to obtain a favorable position in the market. Santoni willing to work with all parties to the new technology as a link, to join hands again for centuries.

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