Why does Santoni Pioneer Program exist?


Textile has penetrated into every aspect of our world. But inside the textile world, there are still many communication barriers between different parts of the industry. This obstacle may exist between the various industries of the long industrial chain, or between different cultural backgrounds, or different views of various job duty. The origin vision of Santoni Pioneer Program is simple: To convene designers who are enthusiastic in knitting globally and provide a platform to communicate with yarn and knitting machine engineers to eliminate communication barriers and discover new applications.


Who have joined?


Starting from 2015, there have been 8 to 10 designers joining this program every year.  Each designer has come with her/his own creative ideas and left with new discover on fabric or products.


The 1st SPP _2015

Camille Hardwick         UK

Elise Perrotta                 UK

Karin rising                   Sweden

The 2nd SPP _2015

Cynthia McMullen        USA

Suzanne Hengel            Netherland

Patrick  Byrne               UK

The 3rd SPP_2016

Nanette Griep               Netherland

Lynsey  Gibson             UK

Dea  Tuns                      Denmark

Gilles Werbrouck          Belgium

The 4th SPP _2016

Christine Overbeck      German

Pauliina Varis               Finland

Polina  krichko             Russia

Chen Zhi                      China

The 5th SPP_2017

Olga Willadsen             Denmark

Georgie Brunmayr       Australia

Krzysia Staniszewska   Polish

Tuure Matilda               Finland

Sonja Baier                  German

Jessica Leclere             France

The 6th SPP_ 2017

 Mira Jarvinen             Finland

Ting Ting Wu             Canada (Chinese)

Lea Mose Svendsen    Denmark

Elizabeth Morrison     USA

Sarah Jussila               Finland

Fiona Nugent              Ireland

The 7th SPP_2018      

CÉLINE Bouaziz       French

Arianna Ganda           Italy

Eveliina Ronkainen    Finland.

Bethan Juliff              UK

The 8th SPP_2018

Alexis Mondragon     USA

Amalie Geertsen        Denmark

Goran Sidjimovski     German

Tess Fan                     Taiwan China

SARA VIGNIS          Italy

The 9th SPP _2019

Rebecca Marsden      Ireland

Hsiang Ju Kung        Taiwan China

Bettina Blomstedt     Finland

Daniela Becker        German

The 10th SPP_2019      

Yaling Huang          Taiwan China

Konstantin Laschkow         German

Kimberly Floyd      USA

Lauren Maun          UK

The 11th SPP _2020     

Min Xing               China

Cedric Li               China

Yijin Sun               China

Ring Huang           China

The 12th SPP _2020     

Lune Zheng          China

Yuanyang Zhou    China

Lingxiao Luo       China

Veronica Chung   Hong Kong China