SPINACTIVE丨Santoni × Studio EvaXCarola

2018 Spring/Summer trend theme has been successful in SPINEXPO SHANGHAI. 

Santoni cooperated with  designer Studio Eva×Carola show the products on  the booth named [SPINACTIVE].

Concepts: Authenticity from the past, Augmentation from the present and Illusion from the future.


The products under Authenticity take the individuality and identity of the human from as their inspiration. Garments follow the form of the body, revealing and concealing as the wearer desires.

Santoni Top2 Fast —— Missing & Floating stitch

Transform the veil and bottom yarn,  achieve the pattern.

Santoni SM-DJ2T —— Jacquard(5 colors)


Augmentation garments enhance the wearer's ability to perform. Advanced knitting techniques improve aerodynamics and buoyangcy while support detailing, ventilation and compression give the wear a "suoer human" feeling.

Santoni SM4-TL2 —— Floating stitch


Illusion incorporates textile stimuli that trick our sense of touch,hearing and sight; helping the user to experoece escapism.

Santoni Mec Mor CMP —— Missing stitch

Santoni Machine & 3D Printing


- More Pictures on SPINACTIVE -

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