SANTONI @SPINEXPO NY 2017 —— A Sensual Future


A sensual future —— Emotion Driven Design

During the exhibition,  vice President of Santoni SH Mr Tiziano.Sandonini invited by the organizers to participate in the semiar ——"A Sensual Future sensory Future".

How to design with an intention that there is an emtional connection to the products. The emotional connection can come from how it feels when you touch it to how it feels against your skin, how it smells or even how it moves with you. It is a connection taht awaken your sense.

Mr Tiziano.Sandonini :Performance will be the word for our company if we want to provide right equipment to the factory which need to produce the fabric that follow this trend. Will be a new performance for the machine for make it able to use a new yarn or define a new combination between yarn and stitch construction or new machine.

We explore the importance of Texture and feel in material. Everything from Sily finishes to super soft feels to flowy knits.

Mr Tiziano.Sandonini :Texture is very important for creat the feeling but is not the only factor we have to consider. Machine Guage, yarn dimension, elasticity, yarn combination and finishing, all these factors are very important if we want to achieve the softness and flow peculiarity.

Talk about the importance of comfort all around us in our homes with anything we wear. We touch on how comfort is at the core without compromise of an elevated esthetic. You no longer need to give up on style to feel comfortable in what you wear or how you live.

Mr Tiziano.Sandonini :Comfort is coming from different knitting combination this is what we have experiment. Knitting combination means exploring for different yarn with different stitch construction in order to found the right stitch that need to be used for create the comfort. No matter if we are using natural or synthetic fiber, each yarn reacts in different way when we go to knit them.

The other important factor for the comfort is a finishing process no matter if we are using row material or already dye yarn.

Designed by Eva X Carola Studio

Possibly find material or yarn that include benefits that nurture the skin or have additional wellness attributes.

Mr Tiziano.Sandonini :For sure wellness is coming from the material, which is used for making the fabric, but different stitch can create a performance to improve the attribute. In several cases like compression garment or 3D garment the way we do the knitting is the key issue for generate the wellness.

Designed by Eva X Carola Studio

And most importantly we explore why Sensuality is craved at this monent show examples of spaces and leading influencers that are already leading the way.

Mr Tiziano.Sandonini :Sensuality is a feeling that we can generate if we are able to transfer in the fabric, the right combination between yarn and knitting construction, create the right balance will be the task of our research for the future, Define new conbination explore different way of knit is the activity which drives the development.

The goal is to look for makers that are exploring any of the above and to feature their innovation.

Mr Tiziano.Sandonini :Application is the word that our company is using to define the future innovation activity. Without know, without understand, without explore new application is coming very difficult to be able to follow the market trend and the market request. As a company, which wants to lead the market of circular knitting we can't avoid invest in this innovatiopn activity. 

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