Santoni(Shanghai) attend the meeting of Circular Knitting Machine Branch

Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co.,Ltd. and Quanzhou Jingmei Machine Co., Ltd. attend the meeting of Circular Knitting Machine Branch(China Textile Machinery Association). As the units company of Circular Knitting Machine Branch and the leader of Large Diameter machines' company, we should be an active participator join the activity. We hope to service market together and create a good environment for competition.

The meeting summarizes circular knitting machine industry's work in 2017, study and discuss future business in 2018, hope to establish long-term communication channels between businesses, promote the orderly and healthy development of the circular knitting machine industry in China. 

《Circular knitting machine industry self-discipline convention》

Meeting published 《Circular knitting machine industry self-discipline convention》, the convention include the rules about fair competition,maintain the market order etc.

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