Seamless industry pioneer respond to the fiery market

In recent years, seamless products have become a big craze in the clothing market.

More and more brands spend more time on seamless product development, and more and more users are beginning to embrace seamless products.






In addition to the above brands, well-known brands such as Uniqlo, Decathlon, H&M, Adidas, Wei Mi, NetEase, and Ruhnn have also begun to add seamless series and promote them within their business scope.

Brands or consumers are vying to choose seamless, presumably because the seamless process can meet different categories of product applications. From underwear to sport leggings, from home apparel to sports and leisure, seamless products with minimal cuts to the greatest extent meet the body's needs, giving the wearer a high level of comfort.

As the scale of the seamless process market expands, product upgrades will surely become the next demand in the market. Innovations in style and function are getting louder and louder. As a pioneer in the seamless industry, Bangjie (002634), the general manager of Ms. Tao and the marketing director Ms. Jiang have already deeply insighted the new demands and development trends of the market, and carried out knowledge enhancement and structure from within the organization for innovation. Transformation, to create a good organizational environment for the birth of new products. In this way, starting from the details of raw materials and machinery, the practice of innovation from the source coincides with the concept of Santoni.

All members of the company's shares related to product development participated in the training course. Ivan Tang, a senior lecturer at Santoni, shared his daily life with the different characteristics of the model, the product development process, the relationship between yarn and fabric properties, machine number and yarn count, sample classification and specific product characteristicsand experience in development. It also explained to the development department a newly developed program from Santoni, which has a very powerful function in the automation of each process control.

Ms. Jiang is very satisfied with the training content. In-depth cooperation with the brand, in the pre-sales and even after-sales of clothing orders, all-round support for the brand is the concept and characteristics of the seamless team. In the continuous learning and self-improvement, the ability of the brand to serve the brand has been recognized by more and more brands.


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