Seamless sports bra focus for Santoni at ISPO

Leading Italian producer of seamless knitting machinery Santoni will be participating in this month’s ISPO Winter 2014 trade fair from 26-29 January, exhibiting in Hall B3, Booth 535. Santoni says the show offers a great opportunity to show some of the high performance sports garments that can be produced with Santoni Seamless machines, especially the new generation of one piece seamless sport bras which have been knitted with eco-friendly and/or bacterio-static yarns.

According to Santoni, the range includes innovative sport bras for seamlessly better comfort and control especially for larger breasted woman. The bras are designed to replace the standard moulded bra, whilst providing perfect lift and support.

“The bras have been created using our innovative and brand new TL technology and production process. The bras offer ergonomic fit, special areas with increased degree of ventilation and no skin irritation thanks to a 3D seamless reinforced construction. They are aimed at all women but especially women with larger breasts as they guarantee higher control, comfort and performance,” explains Santoni’s marketing manager, Patrick Silva.

“The one piece seamless bra has different thicknesses and yarn textures as different yarn counts can be used.  We have decided to knit the bras on show with innovative eco-friendly yarns. They have 3D reinforced structures, thanks to the different yarn counts used. The single or unique two layer bra construction gives perfect moisture management for a ‘no skin irritation’ effect and guarantees free movement.”

“They have been knitted on our brand new seamless TL technlogy that offers a completely new production process for obtaining almost ready-made apparel. The machine’s reciprocating movement allows the knitting of ‘intarsia’ to produce in a few minutes an almost ready seamless garment with essential seams only. These products, made with an alternative seamless production process, can be promptly put into the commercial distribution channel,” Silva concludes.

According to Santoni, as far as the design is concerned, the main advantage is the Intarsia concept that gives the garment an excellent “next to skin “comfort as it avoids the need for seams. Thanks to engineered areas having different yarn elasticity and consequent features it provides an ideal fitting and proper elasticity with no cutting and sewing.

Explaining the benefits of 3D knitting in the bra, Patrick Silva adds: “The 3D and placed reinforcement structures mean that the 3D is an engineered area that seamlessly follows the woman's breast providing in this way  a better control, perfect lift and ergonomic body fit. The reinforced structures can be obtained by using different yarn counts in different bra strategic areas. All this for an improved breast control during sports activity.”

Thanks to the polypropylene yarns used in the bras, sweat is allowed to be released, keeping the skin dry in conjunction with the special areas with an increased degree of ventilation. The new sustainable and OEKO certified and recycled microfibre Q-Nova by Fulgar provides a silky feel and super softness. Embroidery effects, logos, text and patterns can be applied to any part of the garment.

 Santoni’s new TL technology knits a one piece bra directly on the machine, free from uncomfortable seams. The intarsia concept allows waste reduction, with an essential sewing process on the edge of the bra only. The ‘no-waste’ concept, Santoni says, makes this process and product very eco-friendly and the bra guarantees perfect lift and avoids the flattening effects experienced with standard elasticated sports bras.



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