Shanghaitex Report——New concept drives industry development

Santoni as a leader of worldwide high-end knitting equipment showed not only the advanced technology but also concepts for future industrial development which inspired visitors at Shanghaitex.

- “Santoni Pioneer Program” lightens textile industry

SANTONI always takes "seamless machinery manufacturer" as a company image for quite a long time. But in recent 2 years, accompany with global flat economic growth, by the influence of macroeconomic and less demand from downstream, we start to adjust company strategy, from this year, we organize “Pioneer Program” which is aiming at supporting all the “dreaming”designers around the world, stimulating circular knitting technology development through this completed “information & technology exchange platform”, encouraging and challenging fashion talents in order to push the boundaries of knitwear usage.

Santoni (Shanghai) Marketing Director Mr.Tiziano Sandonini said: “garment industry development should be driven by downstream brand and the market, but almost designers inside the industry don’t quite understand the technology and process, a lot of advanced technology is not able to be extensively applied into the market which will block further industrial development to a certain extend. Santoni hope ‘pioneer program’ enables more designers to know knitting technology, we think this is very important.”

All the “Pioneer Program” final products were shown in Shanghaitex, receiving a warm response from the market.

“Santoni Pioneer Program” 2nd session is under recruiting, we will keep collaboration with designers, brands and associations inside the industry to spread circular knitting machinery development and technology.

- Sustainable development practitioner

Economic and social development made a huge damage to the environment, Santoni as a leader in knitting textile industry has our own considerations for environmental protection.

We have two directions, one is machine itself, the other is garment.

Machine: low consumption with high productivity and quality

“To improve machine efficiency should not always be solved by increasing machine consumption”, Santoni TOP2 FAST is a typical machine model which can low down 15% consumption while increasing nearly 39% productivity. This machine is made for low consumption and high productivity. By technology optimization, now recycled fiber, natural fiber and a lot of other recycle material can be applied into this machine to make garments.

In the premise of meeting and realizing real needs from our customers, “low consumption with high productivity and quality” will be an important direction for our machine design and R&D job in the future.

Garments: ZERO wastage

「80% of the environmental consequences of a product can be decided at design stage.」

Research has shown that the textile industry is extremely harmful to the environment, second only to the chemical industry. It has been estimated that design decisions are responsible for up to 80% of products environmental and economic cost.

Base on this concept, we carried out “ZERO wastage” garment by cooperation with Eva De Laat studio to make it come true.

Nowadays, a lot of designers only want to make a fantastic design to show fashion, they never consider how to combine fashion and “environmental protection”. That’s why a lot of cutoff material was wasted. Santoni’s idea is to make full use of one tube fabric to avoid any waste. Research found that cost for making a garment in domestic textile market is coming much higher these years, a lot of low-market already transferred to Southeast Asia, this will push Chinese textile industry to arrive at a mid and high level market. While high-end market is the direction that Santoni is always working for a lot of years and we are quite competitive. Besides, we combine  design, environmental protection and our technology together to create more and more new products into the market.

We insist a long-term development strategy and continuous innovation and we believe this will be fundamental.


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