3 Minutes, "Yarn turn into Garment" , TEXWINCA Invest HK$500 Million to Introduce High-tech.

The seamless project was established on Mayong,  Dongguan.

There are more than 120 sets of Seamless knitting machines are working rhythmically in the bright and clean factories.

Every 3 minutes, a new product is born through the “yarn”, which is the wonder of the seamless knitting machine. This textile project is launched by Texwinca Group this year, and it is also a fund-raising and expansion project signed by the Guan Dong Industrial Cooperation Joint Promotion Conference in 2018.

Wu Wuping, General Manager of ChuangKe Textile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. said: "The project was established in June and plans to invest HK$500 million to upgrade on the existing 17,000 sqm plant in TEXWINCA, construct seamless garment manufacturing line."

The seamless knitting machine used in the project, all from SANTONI, world's top technical achievement. It surpasses the existing 80-90 speed on the market at a high speed of 120 rpm, and the output is also 25%-30% higher.

About garment style, the designers use computer programming to control and finally knit them in a 3D way.

In the workshop, one operator can supervise 5-6 seamless knitting machines at the same time. They only need to check and fold the garments, and monitor the machine from time to time. It changes the labor-intensive labor mode of the clothing industry. At the same time, the workshop always maintains 24-hour operation, constant temperature and humidity, and dust-free green production.

Before this, Texwinca Group mainly produced and sold all kinds of high-grade knitted fabrics and yarns, and did not involve the seamless garments.

Chuangke textile project will fill TEXWINCA production chain in a ring blank by the introduction of a large number of seamless knitting machine, to form a complete closed-loop, to guide industrial upgrading.


The annual output value will be about 500 million (RMB) and the annual tax revenue will be about 60 million(RMB).

At present, the first phase of the project has invested HK$150 million and entered the equipment commissioning phase. Mr. Wu said that after the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual output of clothing will be 15 million pieces, the annual output value will be about 500 million (RMB) and the annual tax revenue will be about 60 million(RMB). At that time, the Chuangke textile project will realize the automation and intelligent of the whole production process, and achieve high effective green production.

With the development of nationwide fitness, the sports textile business are promising. Mr. Wu said the garments sets a variety of functions, company has done a lot of research on intelligent sensing , and it will become the next major research project.

In the showroom, we can see the sportswear and casual wear knitted by seamless machines is not only fashionable but also light in touch. They will enter the market, and become domestic and international famous clothing brand products in front of the consumers.

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