Santoni X Donghua丨University-Industry Collaboration

Santoni (Shanghai) is committed to establishing school enterprise cooperation with the government and colleges, creating internship opportunities for school talents to enter Santoni (Shanghai), providing students with a better practical operation platform, enhancing students' understanding and recognition of the circular knitting machine / textile industry, strengthening the cooperation between teaching theory and enterprise application practice, and opening up new ways for enterprises / markets to retain talents in the future.


Report and display of teaching achievements

From October 25 to November 5, 2021, grade 18 students majoring in knitting of Donghua University held a two-week training course in the application center of round knitting machine in Santoni to deeply learn the theoretical knowledge of round knitting machine, printing software, computer operation, etc.

Donghua University has the main departments with traditional textile characteristics, pays attention to the cultivation of the combination of textile professional knowledge and high-tech development, and transports directional talents for the textile industry for a long time. Santoni (Shanghai) helps Donghua University to let students enter enterprises for in-depth study and speed up the training of Applied Talents in the textile industry.

Students tried to weave simple samples on the machine after comprehensive basic theoretical knowledge and software training at the SCL. From the graphic / pattern design to the editing program, and then to the final machine operating to get the final finished product, feel every process in a down-to-earth manner, summarize the project experience, and accumulate experience for the future development in the field of circular knitting machine.


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