YIWU H&G 2012 News Letter

        Santoni Shanghai has joined the gathering of knitting machinery - The 13th China (Yiwu) International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery (YIWU H&G 2012) which was held during 27th-30th November 2012 and turned out to be a great success. The shows aggregate innovative technology and hot market trend, leading the new direction of knitting industry's development.

        Santoni’s show is given a priority to seamless products as its main products, Santoni displayed machine SM8-TR1,SWD6,SMDJ-2TSGoal MpTC10 etc during the show, SM8-TOP2 (40NPI)and MF12S are our new designed seamless machines promoted in the show, the new machines with simple operation and wide application, meet customers’ demand properly, thus enjoyed a very good reputation among the customers, meanwhile, Santoni samples are all of attractive designs, appropriate clipping, gathering many current fashion factors, which also attracted many of our customers, thus we truly believe we can enlarge the market in YIWU.

        What’s more, seamless underwear products of Santoni Shanghai become more and more popular among the customers in the market. The combination of seamless technology and functional fibres can achieve both fashionable styles and good hand-feeling, thus seamless underwear has become the main product of knitting garments with the help of advanced equipment. Nowadays, seamless technology has a great development for these years and it is applied to different garments’ fields maturely, besides the big proportion it takes in underwear market, it also achieve a significant development in outerwear, sportswear, swimwear etc.

        Now the knitting market trends turn to fine gauge, in order to meet the market demand, Santoni Shanghai has upgraded the gauge of seamless underwear machine to E40 as the highest gauge so that the products are of more lightness, comfort and high-level.
        Although YIWU H&G 2012 has gone to an end, Santoni will still keep moving to the innovation and research so that to meet further market demand.


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