4th Santoni Pioneer Program


4th Santoni Pioneer Program

4th Santoni Pioneer Program Ceremony was held in Santoni  Village in 9th of December. We invite our customers, yarn suppliers and brand to come and see designers' presentation and final products.

1.Designer _ Pauliina Varis

Vital forms is a concept that explores the essence of form in performance sportswear focusing especially on skinsensorial wear comfort.

Vital forms capsule collection concept is based on structured fabrics. The beauty of the garments is achieved through fabric function. Prints and graphics take inspiration from locomotion and symmetrical patterns in nature.

2.Designer _ Christine Overbeck

Athleisure Capsule Collection 

 The essence of performance: it works well for the client and gets unnoticed. Two concepts based on the combination of layering and function.

3.Designer _ Polina Krichko

Circular knit can truly innovate the shoe making industry. The possibility to combine different structures to get various qualities in one material, can push the boundaries in an artistic way, as well as applied to the industry.

Exploring the shape.

Tried to find new type ofsuitable yarn. I used monofilament to create very rigid structure, without additional heat treatment. As a designer, aesthetic plays a big role for me and I was happy to discover that this yarn creates interesting visual effect, almost like small raindrops, and enriches the surface.

4.Designer _ Zhi Chen 陈芝

My "Mouth"

Under what circumstances, you can make the most comfortable communication.


Next 5th Santoni Pioneer Program, hope to see you!

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