Large Diameter

Santoni Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd offers five different models of large diameter machines single and double jersey:

1.ATLAS(Ultra fine single jersey machine without sinkers)

2.ZENIT(Single jersey four cam track machine)

3.ZENIT 2.4 JE(Electronic-jacquard single jersey machine)

4.PULSAR( Double jersey interlock machine)

5.ORION(Double jersey rib machine)



Sinker less technology, Why?

On the traditional sinker machines the lack of uniformity in the pressure carried out by the sinkers on the loops can create rows of stitches having diverse stitches (vertical lines). This non uniformity of pressure by the sinkers influences not only the loops in the stitch formation but also the loops in their containment phase, when the needle begins its ascent or rise upwards. In this case the pressures of the sinkers tend to deform the stitch loops already formed creating thereby the vertical lines.

On our sinker less machine, equipped with special holding-down jacks (patented by Santoni), the position of the stitch formation is determined not by the stitch level of the sinkers, but by the profile surface of the upper edge of the cylinder which is produced by a very high precision grinding operation that guarantees an extremely high degree of uniformity and precision. The stitch loop formation is not blocked by some pressure or backing but is left free around the needle leg. By this way the rising needle forming the stitch can carry the yarn from the adjacent needle without increasing the tension on the yarn which forms the sides of the new stitch loops preventing their possible breakage.

Furthermore with this system the non-continuous yarns have been able to be used for compact stitch fabrics and at definitely high running speeds.

Large Diameter


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Large Diameter Technology