The "Seamless garment technology" is the ultimate knitting technology in the weft knitting.

Though knitted on circular machines, the fabric tube knitted on the seamless knitting machine can have a combination of different patterns. For example, a jersey knit can be placed side-by-side with a mesh knit, which can be placed side-by-side with a rib knit, which can be placed side-by-side with a jacquard knit, with an embroider like logo & all this in one or more colours, with or without stripes.

It is not possible to manufacture these kinds of fabrics in any other existing knitting machines than the seamless garment knitting machines.

The seamless technology was initially used for manufacturing of inner wear. The minimum number of seams, the absence of the elastic bands, tags, makes the innerwear made on seamless machines very comfortable to wear.

Due to the unlimited pattern possibilities, seamless technology is now being employed to manufacture very exclusive outer wears.

The garments made by the seamless machines can now be identified as exclusive by the end user of the garments, due to very special pattern possibilities of the seamless technology.

Seamless technology is a must for making of compressed garments for Sportswear. There is no other similar alternative available to make the compressed garments for sportswear, other than the seamless technology. The compressed garments hold tightly on the body & the absence of seams rubbing against the body is a must to make the garment wearable and more comfortable. The garment also needs to have pores in certain portions of the garments to allow the air to pass through or evaporate the sweat. The garment also needs some bright stripes, logo & so on. This kind of garment can only be made on seamless machines.

For sports such as running, cycling and climbing, which are performance oriented sports, seamless sportswear adds protection by providing knitted structures that act as reinforced zones.

The possibility to calibrate the compression in the required are of the garment has enhanced the seamless applications. The seamless technology is being used for protective garments, maternity care garments & support care garments.

By sheer numerical strength of the number of garments manufactured on the seamless machines of Santoni, Santoni have earned respect of a very large number of fiber & yarn manufacturers, fashion designers, sewing machinery manufacturers, fashion institutes & many other sectors of the industry . Fibers & yarns are now being produced specially to be used on Santoni machines. Fashion designers have been able to allow their imaginations go far beyond their earlier thinking & have been able to design various garments due to the technology that Santoni have evolved. Santoni has been able to make the Seamless Garment Industry as a separate industry on its own & is now busy expanding it. 



Seamless technology provides highly elastic knit outerwear, underwear and elastic sportswear technology, neck, waist, buttocks and other parts do not need to seam molding, comfortable, thoughtful set of products, fashion, changes in one, and not only so that consumers love, but also deeply touched by the many international well-known products were the designers of the new, and become a source of inspiration.

Seamless Technology