With the rapid rise of new generation of maternal and infant users, the market has great potential

Era changes along with the development of all kinds of popular fashion, everyone is chasing all sorts of beautiful and comfortable and goods, especially the new age of the pregnant mother, according to Chinese commerce industry research institute in 2017 from the 2017-2022 in Chinese maternity industry development outlook survey and the investment and financing strategy research report statistics show: Chinese pregnant women clothing retail sales growth from $2012 in 13.4 billion to $2016 by 20.5 billion yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of 10.6%.


According to the survey conducted by analysys, 80.83% of consumers have purchased professional maternity clothes during pregnancy. Data from the research institute of maternal and child care also shows that maternity clothes, as the largest category of demand for mothers and infants, reached 7.4 billion yuan online in 2018, accounting for 54.6% of the whole maternity products market, with a year-on-year growth of 15.8%.

In may, for example, maternity clothes have ranked first for three months in a row on alibaba's platform.Maternity wear, breast-feeding bra, maternity pants, home wear are among the maternal clothing.


With the rise of a new generation of maternal and infant users, the young treasure mothers before and after pregnancy also pay attention to themselves, so it is easy to understand that the market demand for maternal clothing is increasingly prominent.

On taobao, breast-feeding bras have been a hit, with monthly sales of more than 40,000 per store.

Reebok has launched a brand new Maternity Collection so expectant mothers can continue to workout comfortably throughout pregnancy.

A study this week revealed that ‘vigorous’ exercise is both safe and healthy for women even into the third trimester of their pregnancy – which means you’re going to need kit that fits your body as you grow.

Reebok’s range includes the Lux Maternity Tight, made with an extended waistband and soft nylon spandex material, and the Seamless Maternity Tank.

Taobao has proved that the market is huge, and the attention of the big brands also shows the market opportunities.The procurement subjects of pregnant women, infants and children are all mothers, so we should understand the needs of mothers and develop them accordingly. Once the seamless process is recognized, the market potential is huge.

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